Reins, One of Japans premier tackle manufacturers is now in the USA! Innovative designs and premium quality combine to make Reins lures and tungsten sinkers a necessity for your tackle box. Our products have been winning tournaments for years and have helped Reins become one of Japans most successful tackle companies.

Whether you fish finesse baits, creatures, tubes, or grubs, we’ve got a bait for you. Our unique Shrimp scent, salted bodies, and fresh designs will give you an edge-whether you’re fishing for money, or just brag’n rights. Reins Tungsten Sinkers bring new sizes and shapes to the landscape. Our tungsten sinkers all have a specific gravity of 1.8, making them 40% smaller than their lead cousins. Whether you need a tiny 1/96 oz nail sinker, or a big 2.5 oz slip sinker, Reins has it.

Reins Fishing is proud to sponsor Randall Tharp, David Walker, JT Kenney and other elite anglers. Checkout the Pro Staff here.


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